Photo By John Rogers

Photo By John Rogers


My new TrueFire course "30 Jazz Progressions You Must Know" is being released today! This course is an essential overview of the most common types of progressions any jazz guitar player must know.

Throughout this collection of thirty jazz progressions, we’ll explore foundational elements like II-V and II-V-I progressions, all the way to 32 bar jazz standard song forms to transcend your jazz performance skills to a new higher level. We’ll look at essential progressions like major and minor one six two fives and harmonic options like tritone substitutions and secondary dominants. We’ll explore jazz blues and minor blues progressions, bebop blues in the style of Charlie Parker, modal progressions like those used in tunes like Impressions and Maiden Voyage. And finally, we’ll cover chord progressions found in hundreds of jazz standards like Autumn Leaves, Sweet Georgia Brown, and I’ve Got Rhythm.

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